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ACOS Changes Venue

Late on Sunday evening the operations team at Chelsea Football Club called to inform us of a fire at the venue.  It took until lunchtime of Monday to establish that the damage could not be repaired and that the Autumn Coin-Op Show would have to find a new home.

Calls to a few exhibitors gave a clear message not to cancel ACOS but to do everything possible to find another venue and keep the show on the road.

In just a few hours, we located space at the nearby Conference Centre (level3), Olympia London and plans were put in place to move ACOS lock, stock and barrel to the new hall.

Olympia London is less that two miles from Chelsea Football Club and the journey can be made in just a few minutes by taxi or tube and can be walked in 30 mins.

For those who have booked accommodation at Chelsea Village, shuttle buses will run continually between Stanford Bridge and Olympia.

There is very little time to put everything into place but we are trying our best to ensure that ACOS will be the relaxed and enjoyable event that it has built a reputation for. 

Thanks for your support and I hope to see you at the show.

Karen Cooke
Swan Events