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24 Seven Release Latest Games At ACOS 2016

This will be our third consecutive year at the ACOS event.

24 Seven Gaming was formed in January 2013. Our first Cat C game entered the market in November 2013 with the launch of Crazy Vegas and since then we have launched a total of 6 games. The latest 7th and 8th titles - Casino Fever and Chase the Ace – will hit sites in the next few weeks.

Our latest production model Casino Fever has a very unique and interactive feel about it, with a very different approach in gameplay when staking between 25p / 50p / £1 play.  Through our pre-trial testing we have found that that the player participation to move from the lower stakes up to £1 has been well above industry average. All in all, Casino Fever offers a very compelling alternative to the games currently in site in the market place.

In addition to Casino Fever, at ACOS we will premiere our latest game to be released for site trial: Chase the Ace. This game is very different with a very high entertainment value, and a novel chase game on the end feature – the action is very captivating – the player is interacting directly with the machine in progressing up the feature trail – It’s the player verses the Baron – can you beat him and succeed to the Jackpot before he catches you?

Also ACOS 2016 will see the official launch of our first B4 machine – Outlaw Tin Can Alley – as a rebuild or door kit option for the club market. We were approached by several key club operators asking for a diversification in club product. To this end, the release of Outlaw TCA is seen as yet another milestone for 24 Seven Gaming.

As the ‘new boys on the block’ we felt that we needed to offer something different in terms of games design. We believe that both the Cat C and B4 markets require a different style of game to complement the current offering on site. Our aim here is simple – to both grow the player base and increase the time spent playing machines on site, both of which we believe are achievable. We feel that we can achieve this through innovative game releases like Cat C Casino Fever and Chase the Ace, along with B4 Outlaw TCA in addition to a string of new releases over the coming months.

24 Seven gaming is currently focused on the analogue side of the Category C sector due to the high level of demand that remains for this type of machine. Players clearly still require analogue games and at the moment we will continue to release several models per year to support our ever-growing customer base within the UK.

We are well aware of the need to provide our customers with an attractive and entertaining offering for the leisure spend. At 24 Seven we are mindful that today’s players are always demanding new and innovative approaches for the style of game play on offer within the retailer and club locations and we will continue to rise to that challenge.