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NSM celebrates booming 2016 sales at ACOS

Only a week before the Autumn Coin Op Show and NSM has already hit a record breaking amount of sales during 2016.

Just 9 months since the new icon:Storm jukebox was launched at the EAG and it has already proven to be an industry favourite, whether this is down to the breath taking looks or the unbelievable price tag, it really has taken the industry by storm.

As well as enjoying the fruits from the sales of jukeboxes NSM has also hit high levels of success with the revolutionary icon back ground music system and Jukebox App.

According to NSM’s Sales Manager Alex Kirby:

“We haven’t been as busy as this since the CD Jukebox era, we really have felt a massive difference in sales this year.

 The icon range of jukeboxes has never been as affordable and reliable and I think it’s a combination of this and the older Digital jukeboxes becoming out dated and expensive to maintain why we are so busy.

Because of our great products and deals, there has never been a better time for operators to update their aging equipment”